In the United States we have a culture which enables the sexualization of girls and women. Just look around you in the media, billboards. Some are oververt in their sexualizing women and using “softporn”- which is not illegal, I just saw a number of these the other day driving to church, and the products available in the stores? In many communities there are limited products available to girls and women, many of these picture girls and women as sexualized objects. Why is it that the girls must dress as little women and even the show choices for girls picture them as women? As you drive down the street what type of businesses do you see? Do you see strip clubs, happy ending massage parlors, businesses such as tanning or massage parlors open 24 hours these are places where girls and women are often exploited. Girls are exploited for commercial sex in more places than one can image and it often begins at a very early age.  This is happening not only in places across the globe but in our own backyards and to girls who are our neighbors as well. In this day and age of technology the exploitation often begins with a picture or behind a webcam.  Girls are often used for the purposes of commercial pornography as well. 
As a result the church and those who follow Christ must rise up and take a stand for the girls and women in our communities, churches, cities, states, country  and world. We must stand up and defend her and speak up! The daughters in our communities and around the world must not be bought and sold for the sexual purposes of any who will pay for them. Most buyers of underage girls who are trafficked are never prosecuted. (Shared Hope Int.) 

As a survivor of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking I know the pain, tragedy and also the reality of God’s redemption on a life redeemed.  God restores and gives new life to those whom He calls His own and I for one am very thankful. 

This summer I will work in the anti-trafficking field to be a voice for those who can not speak for themselves.  The girls need us, all of us to help them. We can’t go breaking down doors or raiding facilities that wouldn’t be safe for anyone including the girls.  However, God does call us to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves, for the weak and the defenseless.  God wants to bring His Kingdom and rescue His daughters and let them know how loved, valued and purposed they are.  Please consider partnering with me to be a voice for countless girls this summer.  If you would like to donate to the work this summer you may do so here  


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