Being Present


The poor walk among us daily. How will we respond and how do we see others as walk out our daily lives. Are you willing to let God stop you in the business of your life and intersect the lives of others?

What if you did not get so overwhelmed by the issues and the people that walk beside you but instead show kindness and love every time it comes your way simply showing whatever kindness comes naturally.

Jesus dwelt among the people and walked with them and in doing this He was able to be present with them. In His walking, living, eating being this is what and when the ministry flowed out of. Therefore what if when we see someone we ask the Lord how we can show kindness and love to them today; how can His voice be heard above all the noise?

People are lonely, hurting, busy and live in a crazy world. We are the representatives of Jesus that bring peace, presence and calm to them and show them the love of God practically in the midst of the chaos. What will this look like, well I think it might look like a late night phone call, a visit, a coffee date, a lunch visit and so much more. Where and how can we meet real needs in people’s lives. How can we serve others? I think it is simply being with being, helping kids with homework, playing with children outside, being with those who are lonely, loving those who have friends and those who do not, bring food to the poor, having coffee with the curious- very simply being present.

Very simply do not wait for someone else to do it, (the pastor, missionary, teacher, etc) God has sent you – This thought has changed my life; “If not you, than who; If not now, then when”~ very simply, love God, love others.

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