What if you just served people?

Mother Teresa would state that one of worst forms of poverty is loneliness. Living in a city like Los Angeles filled with so many people it is easy to be surrounded by people and yet feel desperately alone and isolated, especially around the holidays.  We look around and see many people who seem to be “happy, fulfilled, and successful”. However, we don’t see them when they are alone, we don’t know their deepest longings, their pains, what fills the journals they keep?

What if one person were to intersect witbeautyh them and make a difference in their day. What if one person, where to actually say hi and care how they were doing? What if one person were to buy that lonely individual a Christmas gift? What if one person where to listen, care, and act on his or her behalf? What if that one person were you?

I am not suggesting that you change your whole life, or even your whole holiday plans. However to the individual that no one else your small interaction will make a huge difference in his or her life. This person may be the one that others let slip into the background, the individual that people are simply too busy for. I am simply suggesting that you take a moment and love, care for and do something practical for that person that has no one. We all want to be seen and cared for, but sometimes there simply is no one and nothing we can do to create these meaningful relationships, especially if we have never had them before. So what if you were to just to do something kind, not as part of some kind of project, but just because it is in the nature of Jesus and simply because it is the right thing to do. What if you were simply kind to another person this day, this week, this month – with the same kindness you received from God. The kind of  love that can’t be explained. I think this kind of love could change our culture and change the world.


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