Do Something To Change Your Community

During this Human Trafficking Awareness Month there are many events that have taken place. Some of these include walks, day-conferences, awareness events and similar.  All of these things are wonderful and good. Awareness is key but there must be more that happens. Individuals from our communities that attend come give up a bit of their time and then go back to their lives on Monday.

Let me suggest that there are many things that one can do to help or partner in justice efforts such as anti-trafficking. Practically. For one, we know that education changes the lives of girls around the world and has a direct impact on the economic impact of developing countries. However, for girls at risk or who have been at risk it is of extreme importance that these girls be given an opportunity for work and to use the knowledge and education they have earned. If students just earn education without ever having the chance to work they will not be able to break out of the cycle of at-risk issues.

Do something

Secondly, many people in our communities, those who have experienced exploitation, and those who are at risk need employment. If you own a business this is a practical way you can assist individuals in the community. Many need assistance in many ways in life but maybe you can offer a person the opportunity to use their skill, education, and expertise.

Third, support emotional and life support. Housing is a big issue -even with an education it is extremely hard to find a job and without a job it is nearly impossible to find housing. If you have previously been exploited, at risk, or in foster-care resources you might have available to you are very few. Maybe you could be present in someone’s life, and even offer to let someone stay with you for a time. God said to ‘Care for the fatherless, orphans and widow’.

Fourth, give and pray. There are many missionaries and non-profits on the front-lines working in the field of anti-trafficking, justice and living mission ally. To be honest missionaries can’t do without your prayers and your giving. We want to – we live and breathe the people around us. God has called us to them but we need you to partner with us as we live and serve the communities around us.

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