One Voice

One of the things I had the great pleasure of doing recently has been helping people come from a place of no understanding to great understanding in matters that are greatly important in our world, things of justice and in direct relation to the protection and care of young people specifically girls.

It is amazing to be able to be a voice in helping to bring understanding and as it develops in a listener’s mind and they can realize that he or she can play an important part in ending child sex trafficking because they are an everyday hero.  Simply by being who they are, learning signs and be brave enough to say something to the hotline or police if they feel that someone is being exploited. Each of us could save live if we simply knew what to look for. Each of us plays a part and needs to be brave each and every day.

woman warrior

You, me and our neighbors we are all part of the answer to injustices.  We must be a voice for those who have no ability to speak up, no way to work for themselves and no ability to defend themselves. I know things can seem overwhelming and though there is no hope, but take heart there is hope. Why? We live in an age where will simply not sit back and watch others being used, abused and exploited. We must speak, act and do something on their behalf. More than that, God hears their cries and will quickly act on their behalf.

“He will rescue the poor when they cry to him; He will help the oppressed, who have no one to defend them.” Psalm 72:12

This is good news as we join in what God is doing to redeem and restore the most vulnerable among us.

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