The tension

The tension of the in between.

What do you mean?

Last night I spoke to a group at and I brought the fact that we live in this place tension between the Kingdom of God here already, and not yet fully here. As I shared I talked about the heart of God,  justice, our role in all of this. We live in this place ‘in between’ and the pain and suffering we see and often encounter is one that we just don’t understand. It is something that we all will have to process, we will have to work through and deal will. However, I can tell you, first hand that God does not hurt us, God is not out for our bad and that many times it is just easier to blame God than someone you can see. God promises He will get justice on our behalf for all of us. This is good news for all of us.
williamwilberforceGod also tells us that He is not just waiting in Heaven for a magical moment. He is waiting for you and for me to interact with those around us to, as N.T. Wright stated, “If not you, then who; If not now then when.”  You see now is the perfect time for you to rise up and do something about that so heavy on your heart. The issues of hunger, homelessness, joblessness, sex trafficking, foster children, immigration, loneliness, and on and on.

The question is how will you respond, what will you do? You are needed to do something, to respond in some way and use the gifting and abilities that God has given you.

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