Be you. Be Amazing. Change the world.

Sometimes we wake up, enter the day and we have no idea what we will see in the day. We may be able to change lives, impact communities and make a difference simply because we were there. It is not a matter of what degree we have, or speaking just the right words. Sometimes your presence makes all the difference.

Just last week I worked in classroom with a situation that I knew I was there to handle. Anyone could have been there, but instead I was there with insight, caring and advocacy. God uses us and our abilities, gifting and uniqueness to make a difference in individuals lives.

Last week, I spoke at Azusa Pacific to a group of students about anti-trafficking and my own past. Sometimes people come to events such as these thinking they have heard it all before or they know about the topic. However, people who came did not expect to hear what they did. I know they were impacted, many told me so. One male student said, “I had never heard anything like this before, I just had no idea”, another student said “I am just so amazed, I was crying the whole time”. This is why we serve, we share our lives, and we do ministry to change lives to impact those who will impact others and to be the change that is needed in our world.

Yahweh your God is among you, A warrior who saves. He will rejoice over you with gladness. He will bring you quietness with His love. He will delight in you with shouts of joy.” Zep. 3:17

We are often overwhelmed with the need and negative news but what are you doing to make a difference in this world. How are you making a change for the positive and impacting lives. It often is not that hard, but can be. It starts often with being with people, walking with them, listening to them (not always providing the answers), being available, and loving them where they are but wanting better for them.

What do you have or can give? You already know I am sure a piece of what you can do. How will you use that to serve others in your community? Well – start doing it, don’t wait for someone else to ask, just do it.


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